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What is an Option Block Order?

Option Block Orders? What does it mean?

What is an Option Block Order?

Option Block Order

Option Blocks are simply just 1:1 trades. An option block is a single buyer and a single seller. The entire order is filled as one large order and is printed to the tape as such. Option Blocks don't typically represent as much urgency as a sweep or split, but they are still worth paying attention to (especially when they are significant in size).

  • A block trade is the sale or purchase of a large quantity of securities at a set negotiated price between 2 parties. 
  • A block is often negotiated and can be tied to shares. 
  • Blocks are large orders that are getting executed all at once. 

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WhaleStream presents the data in an easy to read format while pointing out important details about the orders.
WhaleStream Option Block Order Example

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