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New Bid/Ask Side Insights & TOP Dark Pool & Equity Flow!


Shine some light on the Dark Pools!
While many Dark Pool trades are often reported late, there are many which are reported immediately.
After careful examination of tape documentation, we believe we can determine which orders are being reported late or delayed.
In the cases where the reported codes indicate that the orders are reported on time, we will display the bid/ask spread and the side of trade. (as seen in the yellow)

TIP: Hover your mouse over the bid/ask spread to see the actual bid and ask from the time the order was reported.
Your use of ideas, systems, and/or data provided by WhaleStream are at your own risk and it is your sole responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness, and usefulness of the information.

New Columns:
Bid/Ask - Shows the bid/ask spread on orders that we believe to have been reported on time. (Hover Mouse to see the bid & ask).
Volume - Displays the trading volume on the underlying equity at the time the trade was reported.

Top Dark Pools & Equities
Much like our beloved "Top Flow", you can now view the Symbols that are getting the most Dark Pool and Block Order Activity.
Please note that our Dark Pool & Equity Feed only represents orders that meet either of the following two parameters:

Minimum QTY of Shares: 40,000
Minimum Premium: $1,000,000
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