New Updates

New Updates Tab:
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Options Flow Updates:
-New Designated "Volume" Column Added
-Added A More Clear Opening Order Indicator to point out orders when an order's Contract Qty is larger than existing OI.
-Improved the sentiment panel to toggle between displaying Total Volume & Total Premium. Simply click to toggle.
-NEW FILTER: Min & Max Contract Quantities on Option Flow Table.
-NEW FILTER: Min & Max Contract Prices on Option Flow Table.

Dark Pool & Equities Updates:
-Dark Pool & Equities feed minimum share quantity reduced from 150,000 to 40,000 shares.
-NEW FILTER: Min & Max Share Quantities on Dark Pool/Equity Table.
-NEW FILTER: Min & Max Share Price on Dark Pool/Equity Table.

Chat Updates:
-Ability to tag users either by typing @username or clicking their username from previous messages.
-Tag a Symbol using $SYMBOL. Clicking the tagged symbol will filter to that symbol in the dashboard.

Other Misc. Updates:
-Improved Mobile Interface
-Improved Desktop Account Settings Interface
-Improved Mobile Settings Interface

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