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What is an Option Block Order?

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What is an Option Block Order?

Option Block Order

Option Blocks are simply just 1:1 trades. An option block is a single buyer and a single seller. The entire order is filled as one large order and is printed to the tape as such. Option Blocks don't typically represent as much urgency as a sweep or split, but they are still worth paying attention to (especially when they are significant in size).

  • A block trade is the sale or purchase of a large quantity of securities at a set negotiated price between 2 parties. 
  • A block is often negotiated and can be tied to shares. 
  • Blocks are large orders that are getting executed all at once. 

WhaleStream displays BLOCKS as they would show on the tape. (1).png 35.37 KB

WhaleStream presents the data in an easy to read format while pointing out important details about the orders.
WhaleStream Option Block Order Example


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